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STYLE/TYPENelson Swag 39" Leg Desk
HEIGHTFloor to main desk top 29"
Floor to underneath clearance 27.5"

Interject whimsical creativity into your day. The Swag Desk is considered the mid-century modern icon of desks thanks to its intriguing 
Nelson Swag 39" Leg Desk
design and space respecting footprint.

This was long before laptops, tablets, and smartphones. What he did not realize at the time is that this small desk makes exceptional use of space and compliments these small scale electronics perfectly. Used both office and home settings, the Swag Desk fits exceptionally well into tight spaces. The white Melamine laminate desk surface provides a clean sharp work surface, a defining contrast to the dark walnut and a neutral canvas from which Chartreuse, Spa Blue, and Orange dividers pop forward.

The spacious airy feel of the desk is attributed to its tall Chromed Steel Stilletto legs which raise the body of the desk off the floor occupying minimal space both physically and visually. This quality reproduction respectfully takes into consideration the colors, inside dimension, and overall size of the original desk.

American Walnut
Hold the stain. American Walnut has its own natural brown color tones. The natural wood presents lighter and darker tones within the various grains. It blends well with light or darker wood pieces.

Style: Mid-Century Modern Swag Desk
Body Materials: Real American Walnut wood veneer / Stainless Steel
Top Surface: White Melamine desktop
Design: Polished tubular stainless steel legs
Chartreuse, Spa Blue and Orange dividers
Compartmentalized drawer interiors
2 Drawers operate on smooth metal glides
Major assembly completed. Minor assembly required
Adjustable ball pivoting floor protection caps on legs

2 Boxes, approximately 128 lbs

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