Arne Jacobsen

Jacobsen was one of Denmark's most influential 20th century architects and designers. Both his buildings and products combine modernist ideals with a Nordic love of naturalism. After graduating from university, Arne Jacobsen worked in the architect's office of Paul Holsoe. In 1931 he founded his own design studio, which he directed until his death in 1971...

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Designed by:Gemelsoft

panton globe lamp 300

Price: £295.00

Inspired by

Verner Panton

Composite globe structure in transparent acrylic, five reflectors in hollowed-out aluminium with lacquered finish, coloured lacquered inside (blue, orange and white),

suspended by 3 steel ball chains.

One of the most famous lamps of Verner Panton.


40cm Diameter

4m cable


UK Mainland £15

The names Verner Panton are only used to describe the charecteristics of the goods made to the original design, and not as a trade mark.