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Eero Aarnio (born 1932) is a Finnish interior designer, well known for his innovative furniture designs in the 1960s, notably his plastic and fiberglass chairs. Aarnio studied at the Institute of Industrial Arts in Helsinki, and started his own office in 1962. The following year he introduced his Ball Chair, a hollow sphere on a stand, open on one side to allow a person to sit within...

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We are the country with the principle of China's furniture as a practical subjects to study, in the next five to 10 years more so over the long term, China Furniture Association established the guiding ideology: "with the actual furniture industry, and comprehensively implement 16th CPC National Congress and the Third and Fourth Plenary Session of the spirit, grasp the scientific development concept, persist out of a suitable Chinese furniture market, a new road to industrialization effective: raise the scientific and technological content, promote original designs, and give full play, the use of low consumption of resources , little environmental pollution and human resources to enhance the overall level of China's furniture industry, and maintain industry health, coordinated and sustainable development, changes in industry growth mode from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement "- this is the formulation of China Furniture Association 11 Five-Year Plan and the 2005-2020 long-term planning work purposes. Of this objective, in the history of the development of China's furniture industry will be important and decisive significance. Since then, the industry growth pattern change from quantitative expansion to qualitative improvement, the future for a long time to the furniture industry will be faced with the arduous tasks and complete.


Over the past 20 years of reform and opening up, especially in the past 10 years, China's furniture industry from small to large and from weak to strong, and the development of furniture in the world today occupies an important position. China's furniture basically formed from manual to mechanized production of manufactured mainly from the scale of production to product sales were relatively complete industrial system has taken shape adapted to the needs of national economic development, and meet the needs of China's domestic exports to the needs of multi-level management system.

More than 20 years of reform and opening up, especially in the past 10 years, China's furniture industry from small to large and from weak to strong access to high-speed development period, in the world today have been in the furniture industry occupies an important position.
Rather, Chinese furniture is really starting from 1994 to 1995 began. After 10 years of development, China has become the world's preliminary furniture producing country, after 10 furniture production will gradually become powerful. If we say that the first 10 years of Chinese furniture experienced the first leap, then, from now on, and a 10, Chinese furniture has entered the second leap. If we say that the first 10 years of the development of China's furniture industry, the national economy is taking off against the backdrop of a comprehensive, and the second 10 will be a rapid development of the national economy and people's living standards greatly improved, stimulating domestic demand as a powerful backing.

China's furniture these achievements manifested in the five aspects:

First, the large scale. Enterprise scale, after 10 years of hard work, the furniture industry of small carpenter - handicrafts have become entrepreneurs, small workshops to big factories, small tools into modern equipment, without the extensive management into a coherent system of intensive management . Production scale, 10, the output of China's furniture is basically an average annual 20% increase in annual output in 2003 reached 204 billion yuan in 2004 to 260 billion yuan.

Secondly, with industrial clusters and industrial cluster formation. Furniture Industry Cluster is the rapid development of the unexpected was the beginning of reform and opening up. Furniture Industry Cluster At present, there are two forms: one is to set up some furniture in the production of industrial parks, and the other is in accordance with the needs of the market one after another around the formation of regional furniture production characteristics. Industrial Park different modes, the Government Office, Association of Office and the enterprise run, and even the Foreign Office. Industrial Park from the investment of millions, on 10000000-1 billion Jiganyi gradually grow and develop.

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